Our calculator helps you find a fair and equitable solution

What is this?

This calculator is built to help parents work together for the best interest of the child.

It’s designed to equally care for a child without agenda, spite, anger or parental disagreement.

The goal is to put the child first financially and to ensure their needs are met. In a world where it’s becoming more difficult for children to find their way, parental squabbles over money should not be something that tears a broken family apart when parents separate.


Care of the child/children is based on an equal responsibility to look after the child with the “Share of Care” being distributed equally between both parents or as agreed by parents. Share of Care is used as an option in the calculation of payments and can be based on either the actual time a parent looks after the children, or be used as the basis to calculate the split of the Care Pot mentioned below.

How it works is we start by creating a “Care Pot ” which is either a percentage of the combined income of both parents or an agreed amount dedicated towards the child’s expenses. The Care Pot can then be split according to the Share of Care or the percentage of their contribution to the Care Pot. It’s entirely up to the parents how this is split and should ideally be agreed between parents.

Once they have decided on how the Care Pot split works, the calculator will then work out each parent’s contribution, less the other’s contribution and determine who should pay whom to cover the shortfall of care of their child/children’s care needs. So, each parent personally pays their portion of costs and then can claim the shortfall from the parent who earns more (Portion of Care Pot) or offers to pay more (Share of Care), regardless if they have less shared care of the child. The idea of the calculation is to care for the child equally as a shared responsibility and to remove issues around finances for the sake of the child.

The ultimate goal is to get parents to work together for the sake of the child and create harmony and peace between parents which ultimately helps the child.

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