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To accurately calculate child care costs, we need to capture all related expenses over a specific period of time. This includes expenses such as babysitting fees, after-school programs, and any other costs incurred in caring for your child. By building an expense profile for the past three months, for example, we can better understand the true cost of child care and provide personalized recommendations to help you optimize your budget. So, make sure to gather all relevant expenses and input them into our calculator for the most accurate results.

Once you have listed all of your child care expenses, the other carer will have the opportunity to review and approve them. This helps to ensure that both parties are in agreement regarding the expenses that have been incurred. Once approved, the expenses will be used to calculate an estimated annual budget for child care costs. This budget will take into account all of the expenses that have been listed and approved, providing you with a clear understanding of the expected costs associated with caring for your child.

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